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Kathy Cornish

  • Good jobs that pay the bills
  • Improved frontline healthcare
  • Accountability in Government
  • Stop the waste of your tax dollars

Money back in your pocket to raise your family and support your farm and business!


Too many companies have gotten a tax break and then sent jobs out of the province. Kathy will work hard to bring sustainable employment, with good paying, long term jobs.


Families have seen their faith in the health care system shaken by chemotherapy under dosing, scandals at Ornge air ambulance and the governmentís failure on home care wait times. We need health care oversight by the Ontario Ombudsman office to provide accountability, safety and security.


Ontario families are paying the highest electricity prices in Canada and itís time to get prices under control. We need to prevent families and businesses from being squeezed by wasteful hydro policies. Ontarians cannot afford a 42% hike in electrical rates!


Kathy will work hard to get answers on the substandard highway construction project, scandal in health care, and gas plants. Putting in place measures like the Financial Accountability Office will stop future waste and scandals before they happen.